Brooklyn to Manhattan: Dukes Up for Jobs


That's right, the Borough of Kings is willing to go toe to toe with Manhattan for jobs, reports the NY Post, the same day that the NY Times reports the city is gearing up for a 165,000 job loss. "Taking advantage of the slumping economy, the public-private Downtown Brooklyn Partnership plans to kick off an aggressive marketing campaign early next year to attract Manhattan and New Jersey businesses to the cheaper rents in Brooklyn's business district," they write. No word on specifics of the campaign, though Marty Markowitz did offer some suggestions concerning the "Brooklyn Renaissance." Not everyone thinks we should be poaching business from Manhattan, though. Congressmen Alan Gerson told the paper: "Brooklyn and Manhattan should be working together to come up with common marketing strategies to keep businesses in New York rather than trying to steal from one another."
Brooklyn Is Going Fishing [NY Post]
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