Brooklyn Food & Drink Round-Up


Brooklyn Restaurants Reviewed This Week
Gothamist's Danielle Sucher hits up Park Slope's Bussaco and describes their maple creme caramel, pictured above: "It's like eating the extremely delicious bastard child of a perfect pot de creme and a soft caramel candy." Plus, the new Carroll Gardens spot Buttermilk Channel gets a whopping 5 out of 6 stars from Time Out New York. And Chowhound binkis calls Vinegar Hill House "a fantastic neighborhood place, similar to Noodle Pudding in quality."

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You
Chowhound squid kun got in touch with the Calexico guys via email and learned that their new restaurant in the old Shnack space is set to open in "about a month." And an Eater tipster says: "Was walking down 4th avenue in park slope last night, and the plywood is down at the ramen shop from the Sheep Station people and they were having what looked like a friends and family dinner." Plus, The Stong Buzz says that Red Hook's beloved sandwich shop Defonte's "is set to open a branch of their hero heaven in Manhattan at 261 Third Avenue @21st street, 212-614-1500."

After the jump: The Moxie Spot starts charging admission, the Times reports on Alan Harding's divorce(?!), and three more restaurant openings in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Clinton Hill...

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