Backyard Reno Unveils Old Well in Fort Greene


This just in from a reader:

We are in the midst of a renovation of our brownstone in Ft. Greene and made a fascinating discovery in our backyard. The contractors were digging a hole to pour the footings for an extension and new deck and they stumbled across the opening of an old well. The well was below what used to be a blue stone patio and the opening was under about 2 feet of dirt. The well is approximately 8 to 10 feet deep and is made of stone. I'd like to get readers' opinions about the use of and history of wells in Brownstone Brooklyn. Also, I'd like to get readers' suggestions about what I should do with it. I am sure my contractor will suggest that we fill it in and keep building, but I am interested in hearing ideas about preserving the well or maybe some creative way of incorporating it into our backyard or renovation. I'd hate to just cover it up because it's a pretty cool discovery.

Cool indeed! Any ideas? Check out another close-up photo on the jump.

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