Atlantic Yards Naysayers and Yaysayers


“Ratner was trying to help all these people. He doesn’t just take your property, he offers fair market value. If you’re gonna say no cuz you wanna be in the way of progress . . ." That's one Proud Brooklynite's take on Atlantic Yards, as dramatized by the upcoming production Brooklyn at Eye Level, a theatrical investigation of the real estate development. No Land Grab has picked out a couple of opposing viewpoints (apparently the pro-Altantic Yards viewpoints are hard to find) represented in the piece, including this thought from Urban Planner: "I don’t see the average family in Brooklyn, particularly a low-income family, being able to function in those buildings effectively [proposed Atlantic Yards Towers]…When we worked in Bed-Stuy, on BS Restoration Corps. . . there was this woman who leaned out her window and said, 'give us affordable housing. But make sure I can yell at my kids on the street.' You just can’t do that in a 40-story building."

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