Atlantic Yards Case Starts in State Appeals Court Today


Today's the day that the State Appeals Court begins hearing oral arguments in Goldstein et al. v. Empire State Development Corporation; the case was already dismissed in Federal Court. In an exhaustive round-up on Friday, Atlantic Yards Report discusses some reasons why plaintiffs (nine renters and owners in the footprint whose homes, like the three at left above, have been targeted for seizure by eminent domain) have a shot at winning but concedes that "the new case has to be considered a long shot." Eminent domain arguments aside, the post reminds us of what an untransparent, back-room deal the MTA deal was: First, the MTA announced it would sell to Ratner, then it went through the motions of issuing an RFP; when Extel Development bid $150 million for the Yards versus Ratner's $50 million, the MTA gave it to Ratner anyway. Nice. Anyway, after Appeals Court hears both sides' arguments today, it's expected to take a couple of months to issue a decision.
Oral Argument in State ED Case Approaches [AY Report]
Photo by Tracy Collins and Enhanced by No Land Grab

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