Another New Build-Turned-Shelter Upsetting Residents


The Daily News has another story about a new construction building that's been turned into a homeless shelter, this time in Bed-Stuy rather than Crown Heights. In this case, a building at 652 Park Avenue was allowed to be built to twice the size allowed by zoning because architect Harry Radusky said in DOB filings that it was going to be used as a dorm for teachers and students at a Jewish school in Williamsburg—thus qualifying for "community use" supersizing. While DOB officials say that the property's current use as a homeless shelter likely also qualifies as a community facility, some residents aren't thrilled with the switcheroo: "We were deceived. When they first started building it they said it was going to be apartments," said Melissa Mona, 27, who lives across from the hulking building at 652 Park Ave., which now takes in a revolving door of homeless families. "It's not right," added Mona. "I think we should know who's moving into our community." Radusky—who has a track record of manipulating and sidestepping DOB restrictions—claims no wrongdoing. The developer of 652 Park is getting paid $100,000 a month in rent by the Bushwick Economic Development Corp. for the shelter.
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