And the Verdict on Toll Bros.' Gowanus Project Is…


No verdict. Last night's CB6 meeting focused on the Toll Brothers' request for a spot-rezoning of the two-acre parcel along the Gowanus Canal (the whole neighborhood is up for a massive rezoning, but the developers don't want to wait for that, which could take a heckuva long time). The variance would allow them to erect 460 units of housing, 140 of which will be permanently affordable, in buildings that range from four stories to 12. Therein lies the problem for many a community member: 12 is too big, they say. Everyone digs the affordable housing, the green space (they're making a 40-foot wide park along the canal) and the creation of union jobs, however temporary. But why, they asked, if Carroll Gardens is getting down-zoned, should Gowanus be up-zoned? And, oh, what about the filthy canal? One Community Board member suggested we get people living around it first; that way, there will be more constituents there to complain. Too many folks abstained from voting to get an answer, so the vote will happen at the next CB6 meeting, in October.
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