An Alternate Plan for Domino Sugar


Guess not everyone was wowed by the Domino Sugar open house this weekend. One Williamsburg resident, Stephanie Eisenberg, hopes none of the proposed 2,400 condos rise on the site, ever. Sure, as next door neighbor she has a particular stake in preventing such an outcome, but the NY Observer writes that Eisenberg thinks the souring economy means it's the right time for an alternative vision of the space. "As head of Save Domino, a community group, she argues the site could be put to better use, namely as the Domino Center, a sprawling cultural institution modeled after London's contemporary art museum, the Tate Modern." Under her plan, the Domino Center galleries would run 600,000 square feet and the site would include 200 units of affordable housing. She'd find art collectors to lease space for art storage, which would make public galleries, create jobs and tourism and not tax the neighborhood. Only problem: private developers, Katan Group and Community Preservation Corporation Resources, own the site.
Sour on Williamsburg 'Sugar' Condos [NY Observer]
Photo by katecoats.

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