A McCain Outpost in Blue Park Slope


Hey, don't assume that Park Slope will go blue on November 4th. Four brownstones on 11th Street are adorned with McCain signs (though residents had to travel to New Jersey to get them). Writes the NY Times, "The election district that includes 11th Street has 643 registered voters: 51 of them Republicans, 452 Democrats, 23 in other parties and 117 who did not list a party. That breakdown is echoed by the overwhelmingly Democratic makeup of Assembly District 52, as well as that of Brooklyn, which voted 79 percent for Senator John Kerry in 2004." The McCain supporters are old school Slopers, writes the Times: residents from long before the Manhattan exodus who say the block was full of Roman Catholics and firemen when they arrived. But donkeys and elephants alike seem to be getting along: old and new, Obama and McCain-lovers. As one Democratic neighbor said about his neighbor's signs, "To me, that says the person’s possibly open to some dialogue.”
An Outpost in the Blue Sea of Brooklyn [NY Times]
Photo by moralesdirect.

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