6,000 Jobs May Disappear from Brooklyn


That's the grim news from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, as reported in the New York Times. The BCC commissioned a report from the Fiscal Policy Institute, who concluded that Brooklyn will be a little better insulated from the looming recession than other boroughs, but it will be far from immune. Some 6,000 jobs could disappear by the first half of next year, which "would amount to about one of every 70 jobs in the borough and less than one-tenth of the 80,000 jobs expected to be lost across the entire city," they write. The reason we're expected to fare better: we're less dependent on Wall Street, with Kings County's big ticket employers being health care, retail and social services. We also fared better than the city as a whole during the last recession, from 2001 to 2003. Carl Hum, president of the chamber, suggested this possible solution: "Try to persuade city officials and banks to support the continued diversification of Brooklyn’s economy, especially by fostering the expansion of food makers and other specialty manufacturing."
Brooklyn Could Lose 6,000 Jobs, Report Says [NY Times]
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