360 Smith Hearing Leads to More Hearings


Yesterday, the Board of Standards and Appeals heard the objections of Carroll Gardens residents to 360 Smith Street, William Stein's six-story building (also known as Oliver House) that neighborhood residents feel is out of scale with the three- and four-story brownstones around it, as well as Stein's appeal to resume work. In July, the City Council approved a zoning text amendment that would limit new construction height and additions on some CG streets, but the question remains about whether that can be applied retroactively to approved permits, which is what theCoalition for Respectful Development is hoping for; Oliver House would be 70 feet, and they want it shrunk to 55. Some folks, though, wonder if it's fair to change zoning in mid-stream. As a commenter on Gowanus Lounge stated, "I don’t love real estate developers, but they must be losing a significant amount of money daily because the city council couldn’t get their sh*t together and deal with this when they should have." And what did the BSA decide? Here's the report from CORD: "A decision was not made, therefore a second hearing will take place that is scheduled for October 28th, 2008." Anybody there and got more to report?
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