Brooklyn's Violens Release New Track

May is supposed to bridge the gap between the depressingly wet spring and the good times of the summer, but instead, it has left us cold, soaked and looking for answers.

Thankfully the three gentlemen who make up Brooklyn’s own Violens has an answer for weary New Yorkers. It comes in the form of the new track “Top of the Mountain” that is now streaming and available for download on the band’s website.

The new jam puts out a classic Beach Boys vibe with a sound reminiscent of the popular psych rock box set series Nuggets.

In a letter to fans, Violens claims to have recorded it at “Optimum strolling or rambling tempo.” So once the clouds clear and the sun returns, they would like you to put this on your iPod and go explore the NYC Mother Nature has kept hidden from us over the past couple weeks.

If you choose to download “Top of the Mountain” from the Violens’ website you will get a B-side track titled “Hollow Inside,” which is a cover of a song by the early '90s Aussie indie rock band The Cat’s Miaow.

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