Brooklyn's Phenomenal Hand Clap Band: We Embrace the Haters

Members of Brooklyn disco-funk outfit Phenomenal Hand Clap Band said they embrace lovers and haters alike -- and riled the crowd into such a frenzy at the kick-off of the Local x Local monthly at Williamsburg's Brooklyn Bowl this weekend that two party-goers leaped on stage to join the fun.

“Anybody who likes our music we embrace,” PHB's Daniel Collás told us. “As far as we’ve traveled -- it’s been pretty extensive this past year -- anybody that likes our music, we like them. Even if they don’t like our music but they’re good people we also like them.”

And instead of having some burly bodyguard pluck the rowdy concert-goers off the stage, band members tossed the pair some tambourines, swung the mic in their direction and encouraged everyone to join in for a sing-along.

But, they said, not all fan encounters have gone well for the band.

“I had this guy get mad at me when we were walking on stage. I had this sports T-shirt on, and he started getting mad at me for the T-shirt I was wearing,” said band member Sean Marquand, who was sporting a tee in support of a Japanese baseball team.

Collás added, “This guy just randomly decided to make an issue out of it.”

For now, the collective is trying to appease fans with new music that's an exploration of the sounds featured on its 2009 self-titled debut album.

“The last album was kind of getting our feet wet … in terms of getting the listener used to certain styles,” said Collás. “Now, we’d like to go deeper in each of those styles, really, really delve into it.”

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