Brooklyn Miracle: Slowest Project Inches Forward Overnight

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Was it just last week that this structure on Flatbush Avenue, across the street from our beloved One Hanson was kinda', sorta' noted as perhaps one of the slowest moving projects ever seen in Brooklyn. Slow enough to make a Shaya Boymelgreen condo look like the fastest building to go up in human history? Well, lo and behold, the scaffolding hiding the thing came down between Wednesday and Saturday. The bad news comes in two parts. First, the thing looks like it's going to be fugly with a capital "F." Second, with the scaffolding gone, it's easy to see that there's another 25 years of work, give or take, mostly give, remaining to be done. By the way, it will eventually the entrance to the Long Island Railroad Terminal at Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Center. You know, so those One Hanson residents can comfortably commute to their jobs in Syosset. For pics of what used to be there, check out this incredible collection of photos of the interior and exterior.
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