Brooklyn Banya Wars: Flatbush Spot is Up for the Fight

While this place lacks the panache of our absolute favorite banya in all of Brookyn, the newly reopened Coney Island Banya can certainly hold its own. We owe the news, of course, to Flatbush Pigeon, who got to this thing so early that we can still see the bootprint on our backside. Pigeon writes of the CI Banya experience:

Flatbush once again has a cozy little Banya of it's own and the Pigeon was lucky enough to be one of the newly renovated bath house's first customers under its new management. The establishment known as the "Coney Island Banya" is clean, affordable, welcoming and just what's in order for those of us barraged by the stresses of life in NYC. To top it off, the Banya also houses the excellent (and also very affordable) "Restaurant Hotspot" - which serves an array of international cuisine.

One does love an "array" of cuisines to go with our banya experience.
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