Brooklyn: the Drunkest Borough

New York has inspired many a place-based cocktail. There is the Manhattan, of course — a proper sophisticated sipper of rye and sweet vermouth. And many are probably familiar with the Brooklyn, the Manhattan's slightly roughed up cousin, but what of the veritable real estate tour offered up by local barkeepers in this week's Time Out?

There's the civic pride of The Little Italy, The Slope, The Brooklyn Heights, The Red Hook and even a Greenpoint. Now, you may notice that the bulk of these are from Brooklyn (and the article did not even get into the East Williamsburg Mimosa—Miller High Life and orange juice). There is even a Bronx cocktail (gin, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth and oj), but nothing from Queens.

So, Queens residents may be the happiest, but how many cocktails do they have named after their home? Who would want to put an Astoria to his lips? Go ahead, Queens, take happiest; Kings County will take the title of drunkest.

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