Brooklyn Flea Moves to One Hanson Place; “Gifted” Still Open

While the Brooklyn Flea's "Gifted" Market will remain open through December 24 for all your last minute holiday needs, the Flea itself will move to rather upscale digs starting in January when it relocates indoors to the Willamsburg Savings Bank at One Hanson Place.

The landmark is truly a slice of Brooklyn history -- the tower is the largest completed building in borough and dates back to 1927. The marble banking hall on the ground floor has 63-foot vaulted ceilings, 40-foot windows and elaborate mosaics, and will be officially be open to the public when the Flea is in residence Saturdays and Sundays. Apparently, the space will allow more than 100 vendors to operate, and the Cut reports that founder Eric Demby wants to have food (where else?) inside the vault. 

When we spoke to Demby about the move, he was mostly concerned that the news not overshadow the Flea's current project, the "Gifted" holiday market currently installed on Lafayette Street in Manhattan through December 24. For the best finds from "Gifted," take a peek at our video tour with Demby.

The Brooklyn Flea wil be located at One Hanson Place on Saturdays and Sundays January 9 - March 28.

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