Brooklyn Bowl, DBA Host Toubin Benefit Blowouts

In a bizarre, unfortunate accident last Thursday, a taxi drove into the Oregon hotel room where one of Brooklyn's most renowned DJs, Jonathan Toubin, was sleeping. The cab pinned Toubin in bed at the Doug Fir Lounge's Jupiter Hotel in Portland and he remains hospitalized in critical condition.

An outpouring of support has emerged for the 50s-revivalist, who helms the ever-more infamous New York Night Train Soul Clap and Dance-Off and the recently cooked-up Land of 1000 Dances.

Tonight, Impose Magazine is throwing a holiday party at Kinfolk Studios in Williamsburg. They'll have a collection set up for Toubin.

Friday, Brooklyn Bowl hosts the largest and most promising of the benefits with some real crowd-pleasers. The lineup now includes performances from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Heavy Trash (Jon Spencer), Stabbing Eastwood (Tunde Adebimpe & Ryan Sawyer) Royal Baths and Reverend Vince Anderson. There will also be DJ sets by Gibby Haynes, Bear In Heaven, Billy Miller and Leo Fitzpatrick.

Saturday night at Death By Audio, Xray Eyeballs, The Stalkers, K-Holes, and an acoustic Frankie and the Outs all come out to get Toubin some help.

Considering the incredible bad luck of this, there isn't anyone who deserves such tragedy less than Toubin. For a 45-obsessed DJ from Brooklyn, you'd expect him to have a cooler-than-thou persona, given his clout and rock 'n' roll focus.

Not so: Toubin's always been remarkably down to earth and effusively kind. His interests in community, expression and fun extend to anyone he's so much as been acquainted with.

If you've had the best night of your life at his expense, help out. Your soul will clap.

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