Brooklyn Bowl Announces Band Battle Line-Up

After culling through the voluminous throngs of submissions (hey, they asked for them), Brooklyn Bowl and the studio Silver Sound have announced the artists that will perform at the Bowl's upcoming Music Video Film Festival + Band Battle on Jan. 10, tickets for which are on sale here.

The artists performing are Basement Batman, Courtsey Tier, The Dirty Names, Fifth Nation, Futurist, Suntalk. 

The following videos will be played at the Festival:

  • Born Gold - "Lawn Knives" directed by Alex Fischer & Ellis Bahl
  • Comet Sands - "Andromeda" directed by Jiwon Park
  • Johnny Popcorn - "Next Episode" directed by Joshua H. Coyne
  • Krum Bums - "Gasoline" directed by Jon Hale
  • Jovenes y Sexys - "El Reloj" directed by Kaina Domínguez
  • Portugal. The Man - "All Your Light" directed by Justin Kramer
  • Robin Bacior - "Ohio" directed by Alex Fischer & Ellis Bahl
  • Styles P - "Where the Angels Sleep" directed by Fabrizio Conte
  • Nico Blues - "Folk Song Number Two" directed by Adam Abada
  • My First Earthquake - "We Float" directed by Kohta Asakura
  • Ham Sandwhich - "Ants" directed by Marc Corrigan
  • Gabbies Giftsz - "Lady Sings the Blues" directed by Henry Rembert
  • Whiskey Shivers - "Gimmie All Your Lovin" directed by Rob Wadleigh
  • Mayer Hawthorne - " Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin' directed by Henry DeMaio
  • Karl Kling - "Life On The Run" directed by Kris Kling
  • Melodic - "Ride On" directed by Nick Kaye & Dan Zimmer
  • Blue Belt - "YOYOYO" directed by Vincent Lin
  • MAKE OUT - "Party Tonight" directed by Babymanque
  • Push Method - "How We Get Down" directed by Chris Sandas
  • The Dirty Names - "Salt Water Jackie" directed by Ruthie Levy

For our part, we at Nonstop are looking forward to checking out what a band called Ham Sandwhich sounds like.  

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