Breaking: Ungaro CEO Steps Down, But LiLo Will Stay On

After enduring no small amount of criticism for enlisting Lindsay Lohan to "revitalize" the brand, WWD is reporting that Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige today announced he's planning to resign and devote time to other businesses.

Moufarrige was the puppet-master behind Ungaro's decision to bring Lohan on board as "Artistic Advisor," alongside chief designer Estrella Archs. After the starlet's spectacularly atrocious runway debut (see: heart-shaped pasties), Moufarrige was quick to jump to Lohan's defense in late November, insisting that while the collection wasn't selling as well as expected, Lohan would remain at the brand and that "she has a job to do."

For him to step down now after such a scandalous season is not exactly a surprise (frankly, we were all waiting for the other shoe to drop), but the news is far more interesting if Lohan will, indeed, remain on the artistic side. One would think that losing her greatest advocate will certainly put the starlet's fledgling, not so well-received fashion career in jeopardy.

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