Booze Breakthrough: Bring Your Own Without Actually Having to Bring It

New York Vintners has launched a new program that, for starters, will mean you won’t have to resort to that Delancey Street liquor store with the bulletproof glass next time you “bring your own” to Kuma Inn. If you call the wine shop or order online by 5 p.m., they’ll have a bottle of your choice waiting for you at Kuma when you come in for your reservation. No markups, just Kuma’s $5 corkage fee. New York Vintners managing partner Shane Benson tells us he wants to expand the program around the city, and says he’s already talking to restaurants like Joe’s Shanghai, Ivo & Lulu, and others.

“The good thing is, you know our $13 bottle of wine is not going to be Yellowtail,” he says. “Right now we have a Pinot Noir from California that was an 88-point Spectator wine.” Benson is also an investor in Kuma Inn Brooklyn and says he’s still determining whether it’s feasible to bring the program there. The restaurant is due to open in the third week of June, without a liquor license. Certain dishes will carry over (the Chinese sausage, for instance), but the menu and vibe will also be a bit more casual (think noodle soups, communal tables).

Introducing New York Vintners BYO Service [Official site]

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