Boot Camp for Young Moms in Battery Park City

Cindy Barrymore

New moms eager to get back into exercise but reluctant to leave their babies don't necessarily need to choose between the two.

A workout group has set itself up in Battery Park City, meeting weekly for the Mind Over Matter MILF/Stroller Boot Camp.

Careful -- MILF stands for "Mothers Interested in Living Fit."

DNAinfo reports the boot camp "puts young mothers through an intense hour of cardio and resistance training, with the goal of bringing back their pre-baby bodies."

Joshua Margolis, founder of Mind Over Matter and weekly workout leader, claimed the stroller is "the best piece of equipment."

Here's an overview of some MILF/Stroller Boot Camp observed by DNAinfo at a recent workout:

  • Jog along the esplanade while pushing their babies in strollers
  • Leg lifts and lunges, using strollers for balance
  • More jogging, then jumping jacks and racing up and down stairs
  • Core-strengthening exercises like crunches

Maroglis told DNAinfo that mothers have brought babies as young as four weeks old. They can continue coming until their child turns 1, he said.

"Margolis often incorporates the babies into the workout, having the mothers use them as weights in strength-building exercises," DNAinfo reports. "If the babies are sleeping, however, as they were on a recent morning, Margolis has the mothers use their pocketbooks instead."

Read more at DNAinfo.

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