Bono and The Edge Do A “Spider-Man” Song on “Idol”

Getty Images

Why was I under the impression this Spider-Man musical was called off eons ago? Between dropping cast members from the ceiling, going remarkably over-budget, and missing opening-day goals by weeks I guess by now I had just written this off as defunct.

But alas, the unstoppable comic juggernaut of Broadway rolls on, recently reopened after three weeks of retooling (basically trying to rid the show of overwrought character development from of-late director Julie Taymor).

All that aside, if you really are considering going to see "the most expensive musical of all time" maybe this clip from last night's American Idol finale will help you reevaluate. The Edge wails like he was born for Broadway and Bono gets all sentimental with it as a guy in a costume does flips over the crowd. Rock 'n' roll? Hardly. Spectacle? Totally! Watch below:

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