Bonfire of the Balducci's

New York, you are "underperfoming" when it comes to fancy food. You are to blame for killing Balducci's fine foods market. It's your fault the specialty foods chain is closing its New York flagship on 14th Street and another on the Upper West Side. You didn't buy enough obscure, over-priced luxury food stuffs, and the stores are underperforming, say Balducci's management.

Know who's not? Scarsdale. The Balducci's there is doing great. But that's easy enough to figure out. The only other options the good (and extraordinarily wealthy) people of that golden burg have are a crammed Whole Foods in White Plains and an A&P on Central Avenue. The Balducci's flagship, housed in a former bank in Chelsea, is plenty pretty, but it's also about three blocks from the gastronomic fantasia that is Chealsea Market. And let's face it, while Balducci's sometimes has some interesting items (you're going to have to look around for those quail eggs from now on) they also have some absurd pricing (likewise, you will have to look far and wide to find another $7 tin of sardines).

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