Bon Iver Starts Four Nights at Radio City Music Hall Tomorrow

 A few years ago, Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago was getting passed around via word of mouth, by people who were equally captivated by its unpolished charm and the backstory that inspired it. (Heartbreak, band break-up, self-imposed cabin isolation, etc.) 

But Justin Vernon has managed to build upon that success in the time since: collaborations with Kanye West and James Blake followed, and his 2011 follow-up album, Bon Iver, appeared on multiple "Best of 2011" lists by the year's end. 
All of that success means, of course, that you'll now be able to see Bon Iver for four straight nights of shows at Radio City Music Hall, which -- all things considered -- is Kind of A Big Deal. The 77-year-old Radio City really needs no introduction, but we'll quietly remind you that it is the largest indoor theater in the world, and the perfect setting for expansive indie pop as well as quieter folk numbers. 
Vernon's opener tomorrow night is Anais Mitchell, whose precocious acoustic folk pop is a natural bedfellow to Vernon's. Her dextrous fingerpicking and emotive voice (admittedly, something of an acquired taste) enhance her clever compositions, rather than overshadowing them. 
Radio City Music Hall is located at 1260 Sixth Avenue, tickets for the evenings range from $40-$50. Bon Iver's there from tomorrow through the 22nd -- his opener for the 21 is Doug Paisley, and Policia on the 22nd. 
For those without tickets, the Friday night performance will be livestreamed on The Bowery Presents YouTube page.
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