BodySoulSati Leaves You Feeling Accomplished, Inspired

As an intenSati lover and recently trained certified leader, I was thrilled to find a new class from intenSati founder Patricia Moreno pop up on the Equinox schedule. Called BodySoulSati, the class is described as a "holistic training program that invigorates the body and awakens the soul by infusing a fluid series of standing legwork with heartfelt affirmations." One-pound weighted gloves are worn to tone the upper body and engage the core muscles.

In my first try of the class last weekend, I entered a room filled with about 50 to 75 people, took a spot front and center, and put on my weighted gloves. Patricia instructed us to sit in a cross-legged position, close our eyes, focus our attention on our current state of mind, and set our intention for the class.

Patricia inspired me with her words about nourishing our bodies with foods that are alive instead of feeding our feelings with sugar and alcohol. She discussed the importance of spending our time doing things that do not cause us stress, but instead bring us love and joy.

Feeling positive and focused after five minutes, I was excited and ready to challenge my body and get my sweat on. We started with simple and enjoyable dance moves to warm up the body and get the heartrate going. The hip rolls and side steps immediately brought a smile to my face. We then began a series of leg and arm exercises including lunges and squats with bicep curls and tricep dips.

As with intenSati, we repeated affirmations during each strength move to work our minds and increase self-awareness. The movements were done at a much slower pace than intenSati but the workout was just as challenging, if not more so. One-pound weights may not sound like much but my muscles burned as we continued adding exercises into the strength sequence.

The class ended with several yoga stretches and a long, relaxing meditation. I left the class feeling amazing and at peace with myself.

Moreno said she created the program for "anyone who loves yoga but wants more of a workout, anyone who doesn’t have hours to spend in the gym but wants a total body workout, or anyone who wants to have a meditation practice but doesn’t like to meditate or hasn’t made the time to do it."

That's exactly what I found with BodySoulSati; it's the perfect complement to intenSati in that it offers  fast-paced and stressed out individuals a chance to slow down and really connect with themselves. I do love the high-cardio workout intenSati provides, but I sometimes crave a slower strength and yoga workout.

For a challenging slow-burn mind-body workout, I definitely recommend giving BodySoulSati a try. Learn more about it at Patricia Moreno's site here.

Melissa Engel is a health coach and group fitness instructor in NYC. Melissa lives in Queens but spends most of her time in Manhattan working, exercising, and exploring healthy restaurants. Melissa writes the blog, Missy Maintains, where she shares her successes and struggles of staying healthy in a big city while still enjoying life and cocktails.

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