Bocuse d'Or: This coming weekend, the eight semifinalists…

This coming weekend, the eight semifinalists will do their best to dazzle, shock and awe Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud and the rest of the culinary hotshot judges. In a Q&A about the weekend festivities, The Laundryman explains it all, including a few more details about his Yountville training lab: " will have the same design layout, as well as the same equipment, as the chefs will be using in both Orlando and Lyon. It puts them in that environment so they can perfect their techniques and hone their skills and, more importantly, their timing ... It's actually a house where the team can live and practice there. It will give them the support of a coach, Roland Henin, who was my mentor at a very young age and who has served as a coach" [TBO via Eater SF]

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