Bocuse d'Or: A Look at Semi-Finals Day One

The US Bocuse d'Or Semi-finals began today in Orlando with presentations by Richard Rosendale, Kevin Sbraga, Michael Rotondo, and Percy Whatley and continue throughout tomorrow afternoon with presentations by New York's own Hung Huynh and Rogers Powell along with Timothy Hollingsworth and John Rellah Jr. We won't find out how the chefs are doing in the eyes of the judges until everything is said and done at the end of the day tomorrow. For now, we offer the above gallery of the chefs (and Mickey, natch), and a special on-the-scene correspondent's report:

"During the day one competition, the music was pumping—Olympic -style. John Besh was a great MC, and Daniel Boulud was on the mic quick a bit as well. Judges were drank champagne throughout the day. As for the audience, the stadium-style bleachers were mostly packed all day with tourists from Epcot. The rest of the competitors that are on tomorrow were all watching closely, especially Hung. He and his comi were intently watching each dish that came out. The contestants seemed nervous going against the clock but they all managed well. Unfortunately, there wasn't too much noticeable reaction from the judges so I couldn't decipher their thoughts."

Stay tuned for more coverage as the competition continues over the weekend.
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