Bluefly Gets $15 Million Push

A troubled Bluefly has recently received $15 million investment from Rho Ventures, which thankfully keeps the company afloat for for some time to come.

Turns out the ten-year-old Bluefly has never turned a profit (which, frankly, shocked us, considering what a household name it's become), and due to the recent economic downturn, has slid into a $147 million deficit.  The new investment, therefore, is quite a windfall for the company, which has definitely been in a tough spot through the past year.

The new investment will allow the company to keep moving forward and expanding, which is likely welcome news for its staff and other investors, though we're interested to see how it weathers 2010 -- predictions are it will be a harsh winter for many fashion companies, so this added boost will be much needed.

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