BLT Steak Wins the Golden Local Award

The people of New York have spoken: BLT Steak takes the coveted Golden Local trophy over Peter Luger's for the city's best steakhouse.

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Kate Lord
New Yorkers chose BLT, Bistro Laurent Tourondel, as the home of the city's best steakhouse. Because Mike is human and must eventually depart from the BLT Steak premises, Chef Tourondel received a certificate proving that his restaurant is the best steakhouse in New York.
Alex Matthews
BLT's New York Strip -- one of a variety of choices at Chef Tourondel's adaptation of an American Steakhouse.
Kate Lord
Executive Chef Laurent Tourondel carves up some delicious beef in the kitchen of BLT.
Kate Lord
Chef Laurent, a classically trained French chef who once headed up the kitchen at Cello, slices up some prime USDA beef for an eagerly awaiting customer.
Kate Lord
You didn't choose BLT as your favorite steakhouse for nothing -- each piece of beef is cooked to order and served up with a variety of Chef Tourondel's signature sauces.
The Porterhouse. Supposedly for two, but Chef Tourondel swears he saw one customer eat all 40 ounces by himself in a lunch hour.
Kate Lord
The quintessential BLT spread -- enough for a family of four or a small army, including a New York Strip, a 40 ounce porterhouse, BLT's trademark onion rings, grilled asparagus, poached green beans and the restaurant's signature sauces.
Kate Lord
Not in the mood for beef? (Why are you in this gallery?) Chef Tourondel is also known for his seafood selections.
Kate Lord
Sometimes you need a little green with your beef, like grilled asparagus.
Kate Lord
BLT, which serves lunch and dinner, is located at 106 East 57th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues.
Kate Lord
The back wall features a large board displaying the daily specials.
Kate Lord
Chef Tourondel's restaurant is a fusion of the French bistro and the American steakhouse.
Kate Lord
Our Human Trophy Michael Nathanson bonded with Executive Chef Laurent Tourondel over BLT Steak's fare.
Kate Lord
Chef Tourondel considered his Human Trophy one of the biggest honors the restaurant has ever received.
Kate Lord
Mike, the human Golden Local, shouts BLT's praises to passerby on 57th Street.
Kate Lord
Chef Tourondel got in on the human trophy action and took a spin on Mike's pedestal.
Kate Lord
Garnishing 53 percent of the vote, the Manhattan newcomer edged out the Brooklyn staple, Peter Luger's steakhouse.
Kate Lord
Forever marking that New Yorkers have spoken, BLT Steak proudly displays it's best steakhouse status.
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