Bloomberg Blasts Stalling Senate

Eager for extension of mayoral control of schools

Mayor Michael Bloomberg laid into state senators for this month's power play in Albany that is keeping the continued mayoral-control of schools in doubt, according to a report.

The mayoral control over public schools, enacted in 2002, will expire on June 30 if the Senate doesn't get its act together and agree to extend it for six more years. Bloomberg is more than a little frustrated.

"A vast majority of people said it should be done," Bloomberg told The New York Post in an exclusive interview. "The Senate has got to take up the Assembly bill and pass it. This is not the time to start negotiating."

The Senate and its new Democratic head, John Sampson, haven't signed off on the bill that the Assembly already passed.

"I find it inconceivable they won't do this," Bloomberg told The Post.

Bloomberg, who's running for this third term this fall, talked tough when addressing whether Sampson seems driven to yank control from the mayor's office.

"That's not going to happen," Bloomberg told the paper.

Bloomberg recalled the Senate's approval -- 55 of 58 votes -- in 2002, quick to note that Sampson was among those who voted yes. And Sampson's Brooklyn district has made noteworthy strides, The Post reported.

"The results ... have been spectacular," the mayor told the paper.

All 30 Republicans back the legislation, and The Daily News reported Monday that a key Democratic vote will come from Sen. Daniel Squadron, of Brooklyn. That leaves Bloomberg just one vote shy of continued control.

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