Birds of Paradise: What Colors Will You Be Wearing Come Spring?

With tropical themes dominating the style scene, from runways to rooms, Pantone reports there's more to come. According to the experts, spring runways' most oft-used hues hail from Africa, India, Peru, and Turkey; an exotic mix indeed.

Topping the list is Honeysuckle, a rosy blush with a playful vibe that Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute calls a "flirtatious," "feel-good color." Other colors populating the season's palette include a clear, calming blue called Regatta, a poppy orange dubbed Coral Rose, and a golden tone called Beeswax.

Ocean hues sit in the middle of the list, while the final tier of shades are a little softer, with a Lavendar and Silver Cloud finishing it off.

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