Bike To Work Day (And Other Useless Efforts)

Congratulations, smirking half-hearted bikers: You managed to bike to work one day out of 365. Other various office commuters, look around you. Have you ever seen the self righteous guy now preaching to you about air quality and telling you how Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" really opened his eyes on a bike before? If the answer is "no" he's a hypocrite and you have the right to pop his tires with your sterling silver letter opener.

This, of course, is not to disparage those souls who do brave the bike lane every working day. Those people are heroes on the order of this guy who has taken it upon himself to hand out notices to people who leave their cars idling. It is also not to disparage the work of Transportation Alternatives and other biker advocacy groups like Time's Up. Or the great strides Gotham has taken in becoming more bike friendly (and all the people who struggled to make that possible). But the one day thing is a bit hokey. It's a slap in the face to the lady who argues with her office building's front desk to let her bring her bike upstairs or the guy who has fought hard for the right to keep his bike in the supply closet against the protestations of some trilling office drone.

Bike month belongs in the pantheon of truly useless endeavors, such as Hamburger Month.

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