Best-Kept Secret: The Stash Consignment

We're not sure how we didn't know about the Stash Consignment before, but we're now hopelessly hooked. Granted, that's what happens when you go to a sample sale and walk out with a $2,000 YSL bag for few hundred bucks.

You heard us right.

Let's be clear. We've been shopping in New York for a long time and are rarely surprised anymore. But when we showed up super last-minute to the Stash's big summer sample sale -- held in a random empty apartment in the '20s, talk about classic New York! -- and found Manolo Blahnik heels, Gaultier coats, and the aforementioned YSL "Besace" bag neatly arrayed around the room, we thought: "HOW did we not know about these people?!"

Elan Barish, the woman behind the Stash, apparently shops in some of the best closets in New York to find the pieces she sells both on her website and during the shop's occasional sales (replete with cupcakes and champagne, we should add). You may have missed her sale, but you can shop 24/7 on the Stash's well-stocked website. Needless to say, we made out like bandits at the sale, so we'll be keeping you posted for the next round.

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