Best Coast And Wavves Play Indie Prom

Twin chillwave behemoths Wavves and Best Coast co-headlined a Webster Hall show last night, and many in the sold out crowd were too young to legally procure a drink.

The show triggered plenty of nostalgia accompanied by the sinking feeling that comes as you realize you're the oldest person in a rock show audience. "Watching 16 year old mosh pit @wavves show brings me right back to sophomore year of high skool. #innocence," tweeted one fan. "I may have to see the Rolling Stones later this year to counter-balance the average age of Wavves," wrote another. And, from 20-year old Alex Salzberg, "I think I'm too old for wavves."

There was plenty of time to scope out fellow concertgoers. @LMagMusic griped about the gaps between sets, saying, "Yeah, 40 minutes of downtime between Wavves and Best Coast seems perfectly reasonable. #suchelaboratesetups." There's been little chatter about the performances themselves, which might elliptically answer @Moserite's question, "So was the Wavves/Best Coast show worth all the fawning attention, still, at this point? Kinda been there, done that under better circumstances."

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