Bergdorfs Raffles Chance to be Andre Leon Talley's Human Pawn

Fashion's Night Out fun just keeps getting better, with Bergdorf Goodman hosting a life-size competition of their new board game, Fashion Rules, being judged by Andre Leon Talley.  Did you hear us? We said life-size.  File under: Awesome.

Right now, amateur fashion enthusiasts can enter to win the chance to play as pawns on the giant game board, on teams led by Donna Karan, Linda Fargo and Robert Verdi.  Questions will be plucked from the game being sold at the store for the holiday season, testing contestants' knowledge of all things fashion.  We can't help but think of the scene from the first Harry Potter film, when the kids have to play the harrowing life-size chess game to save something-or-other, which is interesting considering one could also argue a parallel between Talley's most recent red carpet appearance and headmaster Dumbledore's dramatic get-ups.  We're digging ourselves into one big nerd hole, and will stop now, but you get the picture. 

Get those flashion-cards ready! OK, seriously, we'll stop....(Sidebar: please be sure to check out The Cut's stellar artwork depicting the event here.)

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