Bell House Throws Indie-Pop Party


College radio types who like their indie rock served with dollops of guitar fuzz and more than a dash of twee sentiment, and who have fond memories of waiting up to watch "120 Minutes" in hopes of seeing a new Velocity Girl video, are in luck.

The influential '90s zine, chickfactor, which chronicled sweater-clad, alternatingly joyful or heartbroken indie pop in all its splendor, is throwing itself a well-deserved anniversary party. 

On April 10 through April 12, chickfactor has curated a lineup of some of most beloved artists in its indie-rock subgenre, many of whom, like scene figureheads Black Tambourine, have not been active in many years. Here's the lineup, and here's where you can score tickets, which are on sale now and $25 a night.

April 10

Black Tambourine

Small Factory


The Lois Plus

April 11

The Aisler Set


Bridget St. John

The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group

April 12

Steve Jackson of Belle & Sebastian

Honey Bunch

A Girl Named Eddy

The Softies

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