Beach House Throws a “Fascist Birthday Party” at the Bell House

With a name like Beach House, you'd expect duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally to play pure pop.

Or, judging by the twee-looking crowd that had assembled underneath the beams and golden chandeliers at Brooklyn's atmospheric Bell House in Gowanus last night, you might expect their music to be impossibly cute. But it's neither.

"Tonight's kind of like a birthday party," Legrand told the crowd. "A fascist birthday party."

The crowd turned out to celebrate the release of Beach House's third album, "Teen Dream," and listen to the band that's being touted as this year's indie break out in certain circles.

While the band's stage presence and banter could use some work, their music was pretty much pitch perfect -- all smoky vocals, twinkling keys and dreamy guitar chords seemingly lifted from the "Twin Peaks" soundtrack.

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