Barneys Adds San Francisco To Warehouse Sale Circus Train

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The biannual Barneys Warehouse Sale, long a revered shopfest on the New York and Los Angeles sales calendars, is moving on to greener pastures this summer. Don't start with the hyperventilation—it's not leaving New York, but adding a third stop in San Francisco.

Typically, two weeks or so before we here in New York get to stand outside in a long line in the hot sun awaiting the mad dash to stick sweaty feet into discounted designer heels, Los Angeles kicks off their version of the sale in the Santa Monica Airport hangar. But this year with the addition of a new city, Barneys employs the etiquette of allowing them to go first; San Francisco's Barneys Warehouse Sale begins next Thursday, July 30!

If you're thinking that SF is going to ruin the NY selection by grabbing up all of the $150 Louboutins and men's Lanvin boat shoes, don't fret; stock for the west coast sales comes from the west coast Barneys store locations. If anyone has an advantage—if you can call this an advantage—it's New York since we'll be getting shipments of leftovers from those sales during own sale Warehouse Sale. And when will that be? See the full schedule below:

San Francisco: July 30-August 9, Ft. Mason Center Herbst Pavilion
Los Angeles: August 13-August 23, Santa Monica Airport Hangar
New York: August 20-September 7, 255 West 17th Street

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