Barclays Pays $4M to Associate With Foules NYC Subway Stop

They pay millions to splash their name on one of our grossest subway stations

Oh, the Brits. It's hard to fault them for their taste when they're always helping us out by sharing the burden of our ickiest problems: Iraq, Afghanistan, Madonna, Gwyneth, Kevin Spacey. The British bank Barclays has been exceptionally helpful of late: They took Lehman Brothers off our hands when it imploded, and now they're giving the MTA a much-needed infusion of cash by paying $4 million to splash their name on one of our grossest subway stations, the Atlantic Avenue–Pacific Street hub at Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Do they know that in addition to being one of the city's most trafficked transport hubs, this particular station is a disgusting, dank hole that requires riders to climb multiple sets of stairs and pass through a reliably excreta-scented hallway before spitting them out in front of the World's Worst Target, and that the Barclays name might, for every commuter that passes through said station, evoke a tangible feeling of despair? We can only assume they do, and they're just taking this knock to preserve our "Special Relationship." Thanks, guys! We'll get the next round, and take on another one of your reality shows or something. Of course we'll have to make it over entirely ... anyway, we'll talk! Cheerio or whatever!

Barclays To Buy Name To Major Brooklyn Subway Station [WPIX via DealBreaker]

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