Barbara Bush Schnuggles Vito Schnabel

Photo: Patrick McMullan

The kid from Park Avenue Peerage sent us this picture of first-daughter-for-not-that-much-longer Barbara Bush astride the lap of Vito Schnabel, the eldest son to spring forth from the loins of the Schnabulous One. Last week, while we were all busy with the economy collapsing, the pair attended an event with the "international jet set" on a Moscow airfield that had something to do with Gagosian and motorcycles and Stavros Niarchos...??? Not as a pair-pair, we don't think, but still. This is kind of totally freaking us out; we are suffering all kinds of paranoid fantasies about Barbara moving into Palazzo Chupi to be near Vito, and it henceforth being surrounded by Secret Service agents with the little ear thingies who won't let us get close enough to the building to smell it or press our bodies against the warm Pompeii-red exterior ever again. That would be terrible. [Park Avenue Peerage]

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