Bacon Takedown Set to Sizzle

All rested from stuffing your face at last weekend's Mac Off? Good. Time for bacon.

How much bacon can you eat? Like, lots? How about if there was a sort of Iron Chef of bacon, where cooks whipped up a panoply of dishes all centered around it, and you had to taste every single one? Could you handle that? (We don't mean medically, by the way. You're on your own where your heart health is concerned.)

This Sunday, Williamsburg hosts the Bacon Takedown at Radegast Hall. There will be 30 cooks competing, which means 30 different dishes, all centered around bacon. We can only hope there'll be t-shirts on hand that feature the event's delicious -- if cryptic -- slogan: "Ride the Bacon Warpig."

Bacon Takedown, Sunday 3/29, 5PM; Radegast Hall and Biergarten, 113 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg; 718-963-3973.

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