Backstage Video: Broadway Bares

The other night at the MAC Cosmetics–sponsored fund-raiser Broadway Bares, more than 200 dancers took the stage and took off their clothes to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Even offstage, everywhere you looked there were waiters in underpants and busboys in thongs. So, naturally, we sent our Tim Murphy to do a backstage video. Celebrities like Mo Rocca (who got nearly naked) and Allison Janney (who did not) participated in the musical numbers, as did ANTM's Whitney Thompson, Michael Urie, and Sutton Foster. We were particularly delighted by Allison Janney, who appeared onstage twirling a colorful umbrella (the show's theme was web surfing and she was the Mac spinning rainbow). "I'm just going to fucking say it," she declared, apropos of nothing. "Susan Boyle can't sing."

Shortly after, she stroked her umbrella like it was a male appendage. Intel Chris caught up with her in the VIP section (what, you thought he'd let Tim be the only person to cover this?), and Janney said that she'd been scheduled to appear alongside her 9 to 5 co-workers, but it fell through. Her performance, she said (while still wearing her vampy pancake makeup, sparkly costume jewelry, and huge hair), was thrilling, though. "I went onstage and I cried," she said. "It was so amazing." Also, she held our hand throughout our entire conversation, which was maybe the best part of the whole thing. (Eh, nah. Tim hugging the strippers to keep them warm was the best part.) Watch the video.

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