Atlantic Yards Mindbenders: Dubai Nets? The Brooklyn Putins?

The Atlantic Yards goodness just keeps on coming at us from all corners and most of it, frankly, is befuddling and weird. Why would one say this? Uh, several reasons:

1) Overall there is growing chatter that developer Bruce Ratner simply wants to sell the team and bail. Buyers mentioned include Russian oil tycoons and a "Middle Eastern group." [AYR]

2) "The most serious advance, sources say, were made in recent months by Russian oligarchs, tycoons invested in the country’s oil industry. The Russians’ working plan would’ve been for full ownership of the Nets and control of the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn...Also, a Middle Eastern group, based in Dubai, expressed interest to the NBA and Nets ownership. There are no ongoing negotiations, but the fact that Ratner was willing to listen speaks to the trouble he’s had getting the Brooklyn arena built..." [Yahoo Sports]

3) Spike Lee was on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show talking politics and the NBA. He said that he'd discussed LeBron James's decision where to go if he leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers. Spike said: "The man told me himself that his decision would not be based upon his friendship with Hova, Jay-Z. And also it's not a done deal that the Nets are moving to Brooklyn either." [MSNBC Video]For more stories from Curbed, go to

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