Ask Curbed: Bummed About the Kitchen Renovation Upstairs: “My upstairs neighbors in the Brooklyn…

"My upstairs neighbors in the Brooklyn brownstone coop where I live are planning to renovate their kitchen. They're replacing appliances, changing the cabinets around, changing flooring and putting in shelving--doing a gut renovation. The contractor says it will take 15 days and that they 'don't think' the work requires a permit. Does the board have to approve the work or have an architect review it? I work at home and this will be happening right over my head. The coop is residential and I'm told the lease accords no extra rights to those that work at home and that I should invest in noise canceling headphones. I love SubZero as much as the next person, but is there anything I can do about the noise or to slow up or derail the renovation?" [Ask Curbed Inbox; Ask Curbed Archives]

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