As for the Coney Island Thing…: Meanwhile, the always interesting Coney Island…

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Meanwhile, the always interesting Coney Island follies, the always vigilant denizens of the Coney Island Message Board spotted a Thor Equities ad looking for stuff to keep the place from becoming a vast bus parking lot next year. It said, in part, before it was pulled down: "...NEED WHOLE CARNIVAL OR PART OF FOR 2009 SEASON BOOK NOW FOR BEST LOCATIONS NEED INDEPENDANTS WITH SPECTACULARS, MAJORS, KIDDIE RIDES, ALSO NEED GAMES AND GAME OPERATORS ALL TYPES ALSO FOOD TRAILERS SOUVENIRS, STRAIGHT SALES, ALL NEW AND OLD UNUSUAL ACTS WELCOME MILLIONS IN ATTENDANCE BOOK NOW." Capisce? [Kinetic Carnival] For more stories from Curbed, go to

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