AM News Roundup

Who's talking about what around town this morning.

Have you heard? The lines are kind of long at your local polling place.

Where does The Guardian go to find a slew of blue-staters in a state of throw-uppy election day anxiety? The Park Slope Co-op, of course.

What you get with your ballot in Carroll Gardens: Old Glory cupcakes, high-end graphic design

It was a Flickr pool waiting to happen: Voting-action snaps are being uploaded faster than you can drop an "e" from your URL - 3,754 photos as of 10AM.

ICYMI: The Cut reports from MTV that Obama thinks the country has lots of problems that should come first, but while we're working on those, "brothers should pull up their pants."

Everybody and their mother has a list of election night parties - we like Time Out's.

Elsewhere in politics: Bloomberg signed legislation to extend the city's term limits law, which lets him and much of the City Council seek a third term in '09.

Meanwhile, outside the polling booth, life goes on: A Secaucus man was busted for tipping strippers with counterfeit $20 bills printed on regular paper with a desktop printer.

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