Armani Billboards Rejected Because of Man's Butt

The new Armani|Exchange advertisement has all the key elements of a successful campaign -- cleavage, sex on the beach, a Jeep, and model Parker Gregory's naked behind.

Too bad you'll never see it plastered on billboards in the meatpacking district.

The Van Wagner company rejected the ad, calling it "too racy." That's just preposterous.

Sure we spotted the glutes before the cleavage, but this bare-bottomed dude is getting dressed, so he's promoting fashion. We're pretty sure if Armani cropped out the butt, the nearly exposed breasts would be fine with Van Wagner, which proves there is a double standard in fashion advertising.

Objectifying men is not nearly as prevalent as it needs to be, so thanks to Armani for making a solid effort to bolster that trend. As for taking away our man candy? Now that's just a butthead move.

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