Apotheke's $1,000 Resy: Nightlife blogger Mark Ramadan of Black…


Nightlife blogger Mark Ramadan of Black Napkin emails with some sad news on the exclusive high end cocktail bar front: "Apotheke finally opened to the general public this past Friday, and I gave them a call to figure out what the general reservation policy is. It turns out that you pretty much have to make a reservation to get in, and making a reservation will set you back $1,000. So, unlike Apotheke's Lower East Side equivalents, you really have to pay to play here." UPDATE: Co-owner Heather Tierney has a welcome correction: "We have our reservation line open from noon to 6pm and anyone from the general public can call and book a table (no minimum). We do have magnums of champagne that start at $1000 so maybe that's what they are thinking of." Phew. We knew it sounded too horrible to be true. [Black Napkin; EaterWire]

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