Anticipation Builds for Chanel Particulière

We're shamefully part of the ravenous hordes itching to get our nails into Chanel's new Particulière nail color, chicly traveling down the runways in September and on track to hit stores January, 2010. Happily, though, we just scored ourselves a bottle on right now.

Particulière (Particular), a creamy taupe neutral hue, will be launched next month alongside Trendresse (Tenderness, a pale shell pink) and Inatendru (Unexpected, another smart nude that's more beige).  The last Chanel "it" color (yes, the "it" factor has spread to manicures) was Jade, and that puppy sold out within days of launch, then fetched up to $200 a bottle on eBay.  And, mind you, that nail polish was green.

We want Particulière.  We want it bad.  But why do people get so crazy about something like a nail polish? Nails are an easy outlet to try a momentary trend - wear it for a week and wash it off with no real commitment or consequences - and something Chanel priced at $23? It's no bargain, but it's more accessible than, say, a $2,500 chain bag or anything else that went down the runway this season.

Oh, and what an easily subtle little status symbol to wave around town...

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